About us

Anima Equi is an equestrian tourism business set in Anciles, a village 1,8 kms away from Benasque, the main settlement in the Valley of Benasque, in the Pyreenes of Huesca.

Here are most of the Pyrenean three-thousanders, with the Aneto (3404m) holding an outstanding position.

Anciles is a special village due to the architectural value of its aristocratic houses, all of it surrounded by large fields and forests.

Our horses live in almost complete freedom. While the weather conditions allow, our horses rotate to different meadows to graze freely. 

During the winter months, our horses are sheltered and fed in an open stable which they can enter and leave at will. This is very important because in Anima Equi we believe that this way of looking after the horse best resembles their natural living conditions. However, our horses, tamed and used to living in a mountainous environment, are all very good-natured and, moreover, accustomed to working with people.


The facilities at Anima Equi include an open covered stable for winter, two barns covered to shelter horses from the sun and rain in working hours, a ring for breaking and beginner’s lessons, a sand arena for lessons, an outdoor track, a circuit for ponies and several resting areas for those clients who want to watch the different activities carried out by the riders, or just to enjoy looking at one of the prettiest properties in the vicinity.

All the guides and instructors at Anima Equi are profesionally qualified, and therefore have the required certificates and a wealth of experience. Furthermore, they share the same philosophy regardding both the care of our animals and good attention to our customers. Anima Equi is registered as Empresa de Turismo Activo TA-HUESCA-16-008 by the Government of Aragón. 

What we offer

The rides and proximity routes of 1 or 2 hours take place in traditional bridleways and local tracks. You will go through a variety of landscapes, alternating meadows and the mixed autochtonous forest crossed by numerous streams, where you will notice traces of the passing of the glacier along the Valley of Benasque. Moving in the shadow of ashes, birches and poplers you will enjoy a variety of plant life in idyllic surroundings. You will also pass in front of architectural elements evocative of differet moments of history.

Longer routes (of 4 hours, 8 hours or several days) will allow you to discover other settlements and wonderful landscapes in this valley of the Central Pyreenes.

For those who are keener on adventure, we offer “pyreeneism” on horseback. In Anima Equi we know of journeys which will allow you to discover neighbouring valleys as the great travellers of the past did. Thus, you will enjoy the same feeling of immersing yourself in history in one of the most spectacular natural resources of the Iberian peninsula.

We also give a range of courses (approaching the horse, equestrian tourism and horse-riding lessons) at all levels. For the younger ones, we offer a variety of activities with ponies.

We would love to share our passion for discovering the Valley of Benasque on horseback. It will undoubtedly be a genuine experience of equestrian tourism in a spectacular natural environment you will never forget.

Rides that take you along traditional bridleways and tracks. This is an excellent way of discovering the Valley of Benasque on horseback.

Lessons in our riding facilities as well as on open trails and tracks. We use the latest pedagogical techniques so that you can learn quickly and with the maximum safety measures.

Activities, lessons and rides
designed so that the youngest
in the family get started with horses
in an enjoyable way.

A week practicing horseback riding and mountain activities. The goal is to achieve a deep connection with the horse in a nature environment and to finally spend a day and a half on a horseback riding tour.



Equestrian tourism in the Valley of Benasque

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We are in Camino de Conques, 22469 Anciles, Huesca.