ANIMA EQUI S.L. is an equestrian tourism business, registered as Empresa de Turismo Activo TA-HUESCA-16-008 by the Government of Aragón.

  • ANIMA EQUI S.L. will inform of both the route and the price.
  • The enterprise warns about possible itinerary changes due to extreme weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances
  • Ride times include mounting, giving safety and riding directions and dismounting.
  • It is essential that customers follow the instructions given when carrying out any activity.
  • Routes take place inside or close to the Parque Natural Posets-Maladeta, so customers must comply with its environmental protection laws.
  • The enterprise will not provide customers with rain gear but does advice to carry it, especially in long routes.
  • Customers are advised to wear tight trousers, long socks and, preferably, riding or mountain boots.
  • Our insurance, which includes civil liability and accidents, covers the whole activitiy.
  • Prices include VAT.
  • Advertised prices do not include the cost of accommodation and meals. In long routes, these services will be especified in each case.
  • Minors will have to fill in an authorisation signed by one of the parents, the legal guardian or a recognised responsible adult.
  • The enterprise will request customers (both adults and minors’ recognised responsible adults) the rights of image.
  • The customer who does not wish to wear a riding hat during the contracted activity will have to fill in a form accepting all resposibilities for such a decision.
  • The enterprise advises pregnant women not to carry out any of the activities offered. Should they carry out any of these activities, the enterprise cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to them or their fetus.
  • Should the customer be under the effect of alcohol, illegal drugs or narcotics, the enterprise cannot be held responsible in the event of any incident.
  • Those under 14 years of age are medically covered by the accident insurance, but are not entitled to any kind of compensation.
  • ANIMA EQUI, S.L. will provide documented evidence of the contrated activities, with a breakdown of the services offered and the prices.
  • These terms and conditions are displayed both in the premises and the website.
  • Complaint forms are available to the customers.